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The Student Opportunity Fund (SOF)


First Semester Application Now Available!

The SOF is an optional (opt-out) student donation fee of $100 that each Kinesiology student pays each year. The purpose of it is to provide you, the student, the opportunity to attain the fullest Western Experience.

What would the KSA do with these funds?

- Subsidization for CPR/First Aid courses

- High-profile speakers

- Conference/workshops (i.e. Raptors Sport Science Forum)

- Etc.

What could you, as a Kinesiology student, apply for?

- Reimbursement for Kinesiology-related expenses

- Funding for workshops, conferences, events, etc.

- Please read the Terms of Reference below if you wish to apply

How do I apply?

Please see attached SOF Application below. First semester applications are typically due November 1st. SOF applications are also available via: 

- School of Kinesiology website 

- FHSSC website

- Attached to an email to all eligible students

How do I opt out?

The opt-out date is September 30th 2018. If you wish to opt-out, please visit the Off The Registrar's website for more details.

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SOF Terms of Reference

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