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What is the Kinesiology Students' Association (KSA)?

The KSA exists to promote unity within the School of Kinesiology and programs within the Faculty of Health Sciences. Its goal is to represent common student aims and interests, and promote student involvement in any area of student life or scholastic activity within Kinesiology.

KSA Mission Statement

The Kinesiology Students' Association shall exist to:

  • Promote a closer relationship between Kinesiology students, faculty and staff;

  • Provide a communication link between students, their respective professors and/or any other body, should communication at any time be desirable or necessary;

  • Provide the students with interscholastic, social, recreational and educational activities;

  • Provide a means for student participation through various committees;

  • Encourage the support of the University Students' Council (USC) of the University of Western Ontario (UWO).

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